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"On The Beach"

In the late 80's or so I bought Chris Rea's "On the beach", in cassette

A (female) friend loved the songs when she was listening it in my house, so I lent the cassette to her; she didn't take the cassette cover, she was going to give it me back in a few days

But the time passed and she didn't say anything about the thing.

I asked about my tape every month or so, but she continued saying- "Oops! I forgot";
I was feeling a bit angry every time I saw the empty cover, close to my cassette player

One day, I went to her house and I said :
- "You never gave me back the cassette; instead, I'll give you the cover, so you can have it complete", and I gave to her the cover

She was happy and I was happy too, because I gave to her a gift and because, obviously, I can't ever feel angry again about that cover

Sometimes, when the situation seems to slide down, you can push it a bit and turn it around