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"Girl or girl"

I used to travel a lot in the 90's with my backpack; at that times I had very long hair, a bit over my hips

One day, laid over my backpack in a corner, drawing the cathedral in front of me, a very old man approached to me and said :

- [Very old man] Are you drawing, lady ?
- [Me] ?? Mmm.. Yes, but I'm not a "lady", I'm a boy
- [Very old man] What ? I can't hear you, miss
- [Me] (A bit louder) I said I'm not a "miss", I'm a boy
- [Very old man] Sorry, miss, I can't hear very well
- [Me] (louder yet) I'M NOT A "LADY", I'M A BOY !
- [Very old man] Sorry, I can not hear you, I leave you drawing. Bye, miss !

... I stayed a few seconds with the eyes wide open, thinking what just happened, meanwhile the old man was leaving, slowly...

Sometimes you just must to give up, for that man I was a "lady", so, let it be that way !