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"A day at the races"... I mean... At the Unemployment Office

A few years ago I went to the Unemployment Office expecting the obvious : Bureaucracy, stupidity, square heads, slow results (if any), ... Uselessness, as usual

I don't know if all government websites in the world have the same problem : the websites are made by sons, brothers, cousins, brothers in law and friends, very well paid, of the politicians and others specimens in charge, plus a few of limited-mind programmers with a titulation, so that websites are some of the most horrible creations of the Humanity

So, because the searches in that websites are useless and the structure is like a labyrinth made by accountants and Cobol programmers, that day I asked to the "bureaucrat on duty" if she (a woman this time) can give me the exact address in the Unemployment Office website where I can get the list of available jobs

Surprisingly, she picked up a pen and wrote something in a piece of paper... Without consulting the website !

- "That's incredible !" - I thought - "She have the exact address in her head ? This woman must be Superwoman"

"Thank you", I said with a big smile and, when I left the building, I read the paper and, Yes ! She wrote a web address :