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"One 13 and one 21"

When I was young (in the Cretaceous), One day I went to a pizzeria, alone, to enjoy a pizza and a salad

In the menu I saw salads at left and pizzas at right, each one with her number, so, I pick the salad 13 and the pizza 21 (I don't remember the numbers, just for reference)

What I didn't realize is the numbers were not unique : the numbers at left, salads, were going from 1 to X, and, for the pizzas, the numbers were starting again, from 1 to Y...

I said : "I want one 13 and one 21". Of course, the 13 was a salad and the 21 a pizza, but that was NOT what I said...

I got a beer meanwhile the meal was preparing, I took a table and I waited seated in the chair, until the waiter came to me with two big pizzas... Whaaat ??

(Me) - What is that ? I chose a salad and a pizza !
(Waiter) - Sorry, you said "one 13 and one 21", so, I cook the pizzas 13 an 21

My eyes were wide open watching that two huge pizzas
(Waiter) - But I can cancel the order, if you want
(Me) - No, sorry ! That was my fault, so, I will deal with that... Give me 3 more beers !

And I ate that two big pizzas, I don't know how, even today...